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The 'OCAP' is an abbreviation of 'Organization of Consumer Affairs Professionals in business' in Korea in 1984. The OCAP began its functions spontaneously to improve the quality of customer service in Korea by consumers affairs professionals in business. There are several organizations such as 'OCAP' around the world. For example, the Society Of Consumer Affairs Professionals(SOCAP) was founded in the United States in 1973 and Association of Consumer Affairs Professionals(ACAP) was formed in Japan in 1980.
We constantly strive to offer valuable lessons in relation to consumer care.
Our functions are as follows
- Offering useful information to our members
- Activating our communication network
- Protecting our membership's interests
- Preparing to cope with every phase of consumer care by mutual cooperation with the companies, the consumers
  (organizations)and the administrative organization
- Helping members to succeed in the profession of consumer care by enhancing the quality of system toward consumer
  in business
Ultimately, the OCAP protects the basic rights of consumers, promotes appropriate patterns of consumption and contributes
to the sound development of national economy.
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